Tips from the Pro

Tips from the Pro

Commit to your Shot!


State your intention with each shot. Tell yourself what you are going to do, then go do it. On your short shots, take the same actions but take a couple practice swings right next to the ball. Rehearse the shot exactly the way you want to hit the ball with the same length swing and tempo. Create the exact feel that you want for the specific shot then simply set up and let your body repeat the feel. Do not give yourself time to think or to become tense over the golf ball. This leads to miss hits. Focus on your landing spot and allow your body to repeat the same swing you rehearsed.


Easy 1-2-3 Setup for Chipping Success


Starting with the proper setup is essential to chipping effectiveness. Follow these three simple setup steps to achieve consistent success. Take a stance that aligns you to the target and then (1) put the ball back in your stance, (2) put your weight predominately on the forward foot and (3) put your hands forward of the ball. Keeping your weight on the forward foot and your hands forward during the shot will ensure solid contact. Practice this with a variety of clubs to develop a versatile chipping game.


The Bucket Drill


Are you three putting greens because of poor lag putts? If so, I have the perfect drill to improve your pace on long putts and get a better understanding of the speed of the greens. To begin, set up a semi-circle of tees one club length behind a hole. This forms the “bucket”. Place ten golf balls twenty feet away so you will be putting into the bucket of tees. Try to get each putt past the hole but not past the tees. Reset and redo the drill when it is completed. Be sure to practice this drill on uphill and downhill putts. With some practice, you will be well on your way to reducing your three-putt greens.